Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Phone Call from Leavenworth

They hold me here much longer
Probably go mad all by myself
Now I really need somebody
Said I really need somebody's help
Why does a man up in the judgement chair
Got his ass and God's right arm in some double pair - alright

Walkin' a frozen line
A western winter be hail and rain
Way back in New York this mornin'
There ain't no one there who ever gonna remember my name
Now when the sun comes up
Mama you should know
That now I just don't care no more - alright

Three o'clock this morning
When I thought I saw Jesus coming down
He came through the concrete baby
He came through them walls without no sound
Now I mean concrete walls that ain't no clay
I closed my eyes and he slipped away - alright

They look at you sideways
They call no man by his Christian name
All you got is your backbone to lean on
You can expect no help from your brain
Now when a man wants reason
He best be willin' to pay
I'm down in Leavenworth prison now
I do not count no days 

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